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Physiotherapy Process

Physiotherapy can help individuals who have suffered musculoskeletal or other soft tissue injury. The treatment is provided by qualified Physiotherapists. The course of treatment starts with an assessment to evaluate the symptoms and extent of injury, diagnosing the underlying problem, and formulating a treatment plan. The assessment typically includes a medical history review and a physical examination. Treatment is guided by the findings of the assessment. Based on the unique needs of the patient, various physiotherapeutic treatment methods may be used.

The Physiotherapist will devise a tailored exercise programme for your specific needs. Physiotherapeutic treatment methods are constantly evolving as the field grows.

In addition to the physical exercises used in treatment, Physiotherapsits often provide patients with guidance with your normal daily activities, including any social and recreational activities. Good guidance and communication with your Physiotherapsit will help you stay informed about your particular condition and the required treatment. Patient education is key to the success of physiotherapy.