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Bodycare Clinics provide a one-stop solution to all your soft tissue injury expert reports and rehabilitation needs. We can provide a highly integrated IT solution, which reduces your administrative burden and improve your turnaround of cases. Please contact us for your IT integration requirement.

We are also happy to receive your instructions by e-mail or our specifically designed instruction forms.


What is rehabilitation?


'Rehabilitation is the treatment of an ill, injured or disabled person with the aim of restoring normal health and function or to prevent the disability from getting worse.' (Oxford Medical Dictionary, 2002).

'Any means of restoring the independence of a patient after disease or injury, including employment retraining.' (Oxford Medical Dictionary, 2002)

Click here to view the Rehabilitation Code of Best Practice from


Why offer rehabilitation early?


The Rehabilitation Code recognises that the claimant's current medical situation and/or long term prognosis may be improved by giving appropriate medical treatment, including surgery, at the earliest practicable opportunity.

Similarly, claims that involve non-medical treatment, such as physiotherapy, counselling and occupational therapy ('rehabilitation'), also benefit if these services are provided as early as practicable.

It therefore follows that the sooner rehabilitation treatment is sought after initial injury, the better quality of life the claimant may experience.
What it means to you as Solicitors/Claims Handlers

The Rehabilitation Code makes it the duty of the claimant's solicitor to consider, from the earliest practical stage, and in consultation with the claimant and/ or the claimant's family, whether it is likely or possible that early intervention, rehabilitation or medical treatment would improve their present and/ or long term physical or mental well being.

Bodycare Clinics can help you access rehabilitation services early, showing a duty of care to your claimant.