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Immediate Needs Assessment ( INA ) Report

'A clear assessment of the problems, needs and cost'

Telephone assessment is a rapid and cost effective method of obtaining a report aimed at providing a detailed treatment plan option. A home visit can also be provided in complex cases.
The costs of any treatment recommended are clearly shown.
The assessment, whether conducted in person or over the telephone, can be undertaken at a time that is convenient to the injured person.
An Immediate Needs Assessment (assessment of needs report) is a detailed analysis of the injured person's medical and vocational requirements. This assessment is currently carried out on the telephone by a Registered Nurse, although depending on the severity of the case, it may be possible to carry out a home visit.
The report addresses the claimant's current situation and discusses a variety of issues surrounding their physical and mental health in order to assess their future rehabilitation requirements. The reports will contain:

  • Relevant past medical history
  • Treatment to date, following the accident
  • Current symptoms and ongoing problems
  • Functional issues such as how a claimant currently manages to walk, stand, lift etc.
  • Any aids and adaptations already in place or recommendations for further applications
  • Domestic circumstances
  • Interests and daily activities
  • Employment history and current employment status
  • Vocational recommendations
  • Recommendations for rehabilitation, including cost of the service e.g:
  1. Private appointments with specialists (if the claimant is currently on an NHS waiting list) with costs and waiting times
  2. Private surgery if required with costs and waiting list times compared to the NHS
  3. Further rehabilitation such as physiotherapy if required
  4. Referrals to Medical Case Management for facilitating further treatment and their hourly costs
  5. Referrals to Vocational Consultancy to assist the claimant's return to work process and their fees

If you wish to refer a case for Immediate Needs Assessment, please click here for a referral form.